Varnishing an Oil Painting

Never apply final varnish to an oil painting unless it has thoroughly dried. Oil paint requires anywhere from 6 to 12 months (or longer) to dry depending on how thick the paint was applied to the canvas. cheap Oil Painting If you want to add a temporary finish to paintings that have not dried thoroughly you should consider using a retouch varnish.

If you have large sunken, i.e. dull and flat, areas on your original unvarnished oil painting you might want to consider oiling out the painting before applying a final varnish. Varnishing will even out the finish on paintings that are fairly even already, but if you have areas that are high gloss along with areas that are clearly sunken, "due to variations in the types of pigments and/or mediums used" [1], then applying a final varnish may not even out the finish as you might be expecting. Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings Oiling out is suggested in such a case. If you decide to oil out your painting you will need to wait an additional 6 months before applying your final varnish and it's best to perform the oiling out process shortly after your painting has been completed, within the first few weeks.

In this tutorial we will accomplish the following: 1) learn a method for applying multiple thin coats of varnish, 2) Cheap Famous Oil Paintings learn a brushing technique that will minimize uneven brush strokes that could be visible in the final product, and 3) achieve a high gloss finish similar to many paintings that are displayed in museums, sometimes referred to as a 'museum finish'.

A Tale in Time of Oil Painting Artistry

The art of painting goes way back in time as it plays an important role in the interior designs of towers, homes, renowned buildings and royal family dwellings. Many famous and respected artists from every part of the world used oil painting to paint the momentum of history with its changes in different eras, rules and reigns. cheap Oil Painting Most historic paintings have been kept and preserved in some of the world's exceptional museums while others were gone in time.

Oil painting mediums are easily available for anyone, yet this has caused a loss in artistry. Nevertheless, only a handful of painters are skilled with aptitude in painting techniques. Basically, almost anyone can perform paintings in spite of one's skill or experience but the real art of oil painting has lost its originality. Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings This is because the number of artists who take the trouble to educate themselves into practicing the artistry of oil painting medium are getting smaller.

The Traditional Portrait Painting:

Going back in time before cameras were invented, one may hire an artist to paint a portrait as a gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or even special occasions. For an artist to paint a portrait the subject must sit very still and sometimes for long hours as the artist tries to depict the picture to look almost as if it is original with the use of oil painting mediums.Cheap Famous Oil Paintings It is such a strenuous and demanding practice to spend the long wee hours for the artist to paint the portrait of the person who commissioned it.

The Technological Revolution:

In the digital era of art, many are influenced by the use of technology which has replaced most art medium including oil painting. The use of modern technology has eradicated the unnecessary sessions for long hours of being still just to create a portrait painting. Nowadays, people can get a portrait of themselves painted by simply handling a photo to an artist to paint an oil portrait by transferring the picture in a photo to a picture in a canvas.

A Little Tip on the Drying Time of Oil Paints

When ever anybody talks about the drying time for oil paints they always put it into the same context as we talk about the drying time of watercolours or acrylic paints, which is wrong really as the process is completely different. With watercolour and acrylics the paint dries through evaporation,cheap Oil Painting which basically means the water in the paint is drawn out by spontaneously turning from a liquid into a gas, this process allows the paint to harden. The hotter it is, the faster this process happens, which is why it's a bad idea to paint outdoors with acrylic in the summer, as your paint dries almost immediately.

How many times have you heard someone say, "It takes nine months for an oil painting to dry" no wonder a lot of people won't touch oil's, especially beginner painters, I'm not surprised really, can you imagine having a wet canvas sat in your studio for nine months, well the good news is that this myth is actually untrue, well it's more of a misconception than an untruth, It's quite hard to say when a painting will be dry because there are various factors to consider, like the colour of the paint, as brighter colours don't dry as fast as the earthy colours, also how thick it has been applied, but as a general rule an oil painting will be tack dry the next day, for it to be completely dry it will take a few days, possibly up to a week.Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings The nine months is true, but it's not for the paint to dry, it's what I like to call "Cure" it takes approximately nine months for an oil painting to cure, to properly harden, and this is where the confusion lies, it isn't nine months for the paint to dry, its nine months before you should varnish your painting. You shouldn't varnish until it is properly dry because oil paint dries through oxidisation.

With traditional oil paint, there isn't any water in the paint to evaporate away; the water element of the manufacture is replaced with an oil based substance, usually Linseed Oil which also doesn't evaporate away. What actually happens is when your painting is exposed to the elements, Cheap Famous Oil Paintings the oil reacts with oxygen in the air which causes the paint to harden through oxidisation? So as long as the oil paint is exposed to oxygen it will carry on with the curing process until it is completely dry.

10 Things You Need to Know About Oil Paint

Oil paints are the most commonly used paints in paintings. Every artist loves the appearance and texture of this and an innumerable results that can be got from using them. Some of the most famous works have been done using oil paints and we all know how they have lasted for centuries. cheap Oil Painting Let us now discuss few points that can help us paint better using oil paints.

1) First and foremost they take a lot of time for drying. Any artist would find this good as this gives them more time to edit and repair any mistakes but this is not the same if you have a commissioned work to be completed on time!

2) Using this paint sometimes is a disadvantage for some as there are chances of pets showing their true love while you are painting! Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings Children and pets, winds and rains all are factors which make you regret the decision as they take more time for drying.

3) Keep rough materials and cleaning tissues always handy as oil paints also spill like other paints.

4) They mostly need a medium or solvent for the colour to form the correct mix. Cheap Famous Oil Paintings We get them in tubes and they need a separate liquid solvent to dissolve in before they are ready for using. Thinners are used to bring the consistency required by the artist.

A Discussion of Art Gallery Oil Paintings

Art gallery oil paintings can be showcased over the Internet. Contemporary artists now have more options than ever before in terms of how their precious paintings are displayed to the rest of the world. Instead of physically going to an art gallery, people can view artists' oil paintings online. cheap Oil Painting The following is a discussion of how an artist can set up a digital photo gallery to store his or her paintings in, as many an oil painting is known to adorn rooms throughout peoples' homes.

There are a number of steps that need to be followed when an artist wishes to set up an online gallery of paintings. These steps include but are not limited to: scanning his or her paintings; selecting the best paintings to post on his or her online gallery; uploading his or her images of paintings;Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings thinking about how much he or she wants to charge for the paintings; and consistently refreshing content on his or her online art gallery.

To begin, an artist who wishes to have an online gallery of oil paintings needs to scan each piece of artwork, if it is not already in a digital format. A high resolution camera of a high quality should be used to take pictures of the paintings. The images must be cropped and crisp, and only the oil paintings themselves should appear in them.

After taking pictures of his or her paintings, an artist then has to select his or her best work to display in the online art gallery. The work chosen should be of the caliber of those paintings that are housed in physical art gallery locations. After choosing the oil paintings to be placed in the online gallery, Cheap Famous Oil Paintings the artist needs to select a digital art gallery site to host his or her website. While some of these sites are free, other charge very reasonable fees. A profusion of these websites furthermore allow artists to see their paintings, and they do not even take a commission when the paintings are sold.

Oil Painting - 5 Tips to Help When Painting With Oils

Oil paints are a beautiful medium to work with and you can get some amazing results with them. You can easily blend the paints smoothly as they stay wet for a long time or you can add various mediums to the paint to make it dry faster so that you can create amazing works of art quickly and easily.

So here are 5 of my personal quick tips to working with oil paint:

  1. Always make sure you paint an undercoat. One mistake a lot of beginners make is to only paint one layer of your picture. A painting looks so much better when it consists of more than one layer. It looks more substantial and just more accomplished when more layers of paint are involved. cheap Oil Painting You can do the bottom layer with a thinned down mix of oil paint and turpentine or you can use acrylic paint. The bottom layer does not have to be in the actual colours of the painting but can use left over paint in neutral tones to add a base. I often use the bottom few layers to experiment with the colours that I am using so I know that they top coat will be what I want.
  2. You can always use student quality paint for the undercoat as it is perfectly good but will save you money.
  3. Never put acrylic paint over the top of oil paint. You can do it the opposite way, Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings but because acrylic paint dries so much faster the oil paint will crack if you put acrylic on top.
  4. Try out different mediums to see what kind of effect they have on the paint - you can try liquin to make it dry faster and there are lots of mediums that can be used in different ways including for glazes. Keep some cheap spare canvases from the supermarket to experiment on.
  5. When you are finished painting you can wash your brushes in soap and hot water rather then a white spirit/turpentine based brush cleaner. Cheap Famous Oil Paintings It is more environmentally friendly and cleans the brushes very well.

Genuine Oil Paintings

Genuine oil paintings are a perfect and affordable way to enhance the beauty of your home. They come in all shapes and sizes and are very unique. They are also painted on different types of material such as cardboard or canvas. These are also genuine oil paintings that usually cost millions of Oil Painting We're talking paintings by some of the most renowned painters in history. However, you can have genuine oil paintings without paying millions for them. There are plenty of artists out there today who produce these genuine oil paintings and sell them for pennies compared to what some of the most famous works have been sold for. What's great about these oil paintings is the fact that the only ones like them are the ones that have been copied. However, no one can paint a duplicate quite like an original.

You even have the option of professionals painting your own oil painting the way you want it. This allows you to have your own gallery of genuine oil paintings based on your own thoughts and emotions. This is also a very affordable way to have genuine oil paintings in your possession. Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings It certainly beats buying originals that can cost you a fortune if you don't have a fortune to spend. Then again, having genuine oil paintings that have been created by other great minds can be a treasure.

Taking care of your oil paintings

Believe it or not, genuine oil paintings need to be cleaned after so long. They can become covered in dust. If your oil painting is old, then you may need to have professionals take care of the cleaning. If your genuine oil paintings are not very old and not something that is worth a significant amount of money, Cheap Famous Oil Paintings then you might be able to take the task on by yourself. Just make sure the paint is in good shape. If the varnish is old, then all you need to do is place some conservation liquid on it to solve that problem. Try not to apply anything else because it could actually remove the paint.

Oil Painting - Fat Over Lean

'Fat over lean' refers to the principle of applying 'fat' oil paint, which has a higher oil to pigment ratio, over 'lean' oil paint, cheap Oil Paintingwhich has a lower oil to pigment ratio, in order to ensure a stable paint film. The idea is to prevent upper layers of oil paint from drying faster than lower layers, which can lead to an oil painting cracking.

Oil paint straight out of the tube is considered 'fat'. Adding more oil, such as linseed oil, will make it even 'fatter', Cheap Abstract Oil Paintingsfurther increasing the drying time. Even when it feels dry to the touch, it may still be drying under the surface.

'Lean' paint, on the other hand, is oil paint mixed with turpentine or some other fast-drying medium. 'Lean' oil paint dries faster than 'fat' oil paint.

The key thing to remember, in order to avoid cracking, is that every layer in an oil painting must be 'fatter' than the one beneath it. That is because if 'lean' oil paint is painted over 'fat' oil paint, the 'lean' layer could be subject to cracking as the 'fat' layer dries and contracts underneath it.Cheap Famous Oil Paintings Also, lower layers tend to absorb oil from the layers above them, especially when 'fat over lean' is not followed.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the oil paints you are using. Cheaper oil paints often have drying agents added, making the drying times more consistent.

Oil Painting Tips - Different Methods For Starting an Oil Painting

Oil paint is an exciting medium to work with. One will never become bored while painting with oil paints. There are a variety of materials and other mediums at your fingertips and when you combine these materials and mediums with the versatility of oil paints, cheap Oil Painting you have a variety of interesting ways to begin an oil painting. There are certain drawing and painting mediums that are compatible with oil paints and when utilized, will make your painting experience more interesting and enjoyable.


Charcoal works beautifully as a preliminary step to oil painting. There are three main forms of charcoal used most often by artist's and they are compressed, willow and vine charcoal. Willow and Vine charcoal tend to be more highly favored for preliminary drawings as they leave a lighter mark and are easier to erase. Compressed charcoal, because it leaves a much darker line, is more difficult to remove and not as widely used to start an oil painting. Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings Some helpful tools to use for working with charcoal are kneaded erasers, stiff bristle brushes, blenders and tortillions. Whatever type of charcoal drawing you create, make certain not to go overboard with your application. Charcoal is very forgiving with oil paints, but too much, and it can effect the paint in adverse ways.


Depending on the type of final picture you are working towards, sometimes the white of the canvas can be too bright or have too much contrast which makes starting a painting rather difficult. Using a uniform toned ground on your support, will make it much easier to judge the values in your painting.Cheap Famous Oil Paintings You are welcome to use any color you like to tone your canvas. Some of the more popular tones are warm reds, yellow and browns.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Oil Paintings

Learning how to become a good oil painter is a difficult undertaking. In fact, it is more than likely one of the most difficult painting mediums to master. Things like color mixing & theory, perspective, techniques and materials can really intimidate a beginner artist.

So how do you get the most out of your oil painting and become a more accomplished artist?

You must make it a point to learn the fundamentals of oil painting, practice often and have an enormous amount of patience. cheap Oil Painting You must start with the fundamentals of oil painting first. You cannot expect to produce Rembrandt quality paintings in the beginning. In fact, the first paintings you produce will probably be a lot worse than you may have anticipated. Frustration will more than likely come into the picture (pun intended). They key is to learn from your mistakes and do not let them defeat you.

So what are some of the fundamentals of oil painting? Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings What information should you study and learn first?

Below are some topics of interest that you should definitely study further when you have time:


You will be amazed at how much learning how to draw will help improve your oil paintings. In fact, years ago art students were not even permitted to pick up an oil painting brush until they learned the fundamentals of drawing. My advice would be to find a few good books on drawing fundamentals and start there. Cheap Famous Oil Paintings Drawing is an art form all by itself and you should not be expected to master drawing as an art form, unless you want to of course.

Oil Painting - Learn More About Oil Painting

The renaissance period has seen the rising of various important events and has been responsible for several changes in the field of science and technology. Painting was no such exception and newer techniques, like oil painting, which was already present evolved with more prominence during this period. cheap Oil Painting Canvas painting is also at times referred to as oil painting, the simple reason since the color used in this art of painting comes from oil paints.

The general process of oil painting is to have the color pigments affixed to the medium of oil that is about to dry. In the earlier days when the art was practiced in Europe the painters used linseed oil as the medium for binding the color pigments. Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings On various occasions these oils were heated to the limit of boiling along with resins or frankincense, and the product that was obtained was known as varnishes. The varnishes were highly prized at earlier times due to the rich body color they developed along with the exquisite glossy look.

In the current days, number of oils is used for oil painting, simply due to certain drawbacks some have been identified among them. The basic factor that they cater to be the time of drying of the oil or, the yellowing tendency that oil paintings have after a long period of time. Cheap Famous Oil Paintings Painters often consider using different types of oil in the oil painting to obtain the desired effect in their piece of work, which would not be possible with a single oil blend.

Oil Painting-Know All That You Wanted to Know About Oil Painting

There are many interesting facts and terms that you need to know, beforehand, about oil painting if you plan to take it up as a Oil PaintingBy knowing these terms, you will be able to get a better understanding of oil painting and become an expert about the trivialities involved in that type of painting.

To start with, you need to understand what the terms value and color temperature mean. In paintings, you need to make the transition of the colors from a dark color to the light color. Value is the term that is added to this change from dark to light that is made in the paintings. Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings By making changes in the value in oil painting, you will be able get a better contrast in your painting.

Another term related to oil painting that you may not have heard before is color temperature. Color temperature is nothing but the place of a color on a color wheel. By using the color wheel, it is possible to get an idea about the cool and warm colors. While the warm ones have a reddish tint, the cool ones are found to have a bluish tint in them.

Oil painting can be classified as long and short oil paints. Cheap Famous Oil Paintings These varieties of paintings can be obtained by using varying amounts of the mediums that are used in oil paintings. The most commonly used mediums in oil painting are linseed oil, sunflower oil and stand oil. The long oil paints are obtained by adding more medium to the oil colors, while in the short oil paints medium is used to a minimum.

Oil Painting Lesson - An Introduction To Oil Painting Supports

An oil painting support is any surface that oil paint can be applied to. There are a variety of different surfaces that artists use to paint on. Everything from certain woods, canvas, and even metals can serve as supports for oil paint. cheap Oil Painting This article will introduce you to those various supports and hopefully help you decide which support is best for your style of oil painting.


Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. The plants are harvested and then left to soak in water until the outside of the plant rots away leaving the fibers underneath. The fibers are then processed into yarns or threads which are then woven into canvas. The fibers of the flax plant are long and quite strong and make for a very interesting and durable painting support. Paintings executed on this surface have withstood the test of time. It is for this reason that linen canvas is a favorite amongst professional oil painters.Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings Unfortunately linen canvas is rather expensive and may not be the best option for beginners. If you are interested in learning more about linen canvas, check your local art store or go online and do a search. There are a variety of different linen canvases available, from rolled canvas to pre-stretched. It comes primed for acrylic and oils, or you can get it unprimed as well.


Cotton canvas is the most popular support for beginner oil painters. It is a relatively strong material and much cheaper than linen. It has a very even and mechanical weave. There is a big debate going on in the art world over which is the better painting support, linen or canvas? What support will last longer?Cheap Famous Oil Paintings This is really a matter of personal opinion and taste. I know many artists, including myself, who use cotton canvas exclusively. Other artists swear by linen. If the surface is sized correctly, then your painting will be well protected from rot and will last a long time. So when deciding between linen or cotton, I feel your decision should be based on how you enjoy working with the material itself and not whether or not it will be around in three hundred years. If you are really concerned about the durability of cotton, then purchase a heavy grade cotton canvas and try stretching it yourself. Cotton canvas is available in rolls or pre-stretched, primed or unprimed.

Oil Painting Reproduction: Adding an Extra Spark to the Ambience

Magnificent oil paintings always add an extra spark of elegance to the overall ambience. Good paintings go a long way in defining the character of a specific place and add a certain amount of style and distinctiveness to it. Art lovers crave to possess and display the original oil painting masterpieces as a part of their lifestyle, but many of them are unable to do so. cheap Oil Painting Original oil paintings are difficult to acquire and most are not even available for sale. It is only through oil painting reproduction that we can buy a near perfect replica of the painting of our choice.

It is true that most replicas fail to match up to the distinct brilliance of the original piece of art and thus the process of a good oil painting reproduction is a rather challenging one. Oil painting is a superior form of art and only highly skilled artists can do justice to its reproduction. Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings The process of replication starts off with the choice of a proper painting surface. The most preferred oil painting surface is canvas, however depending on needs; artists do prefer other surfaces like linoleum, wooden panel, cardboard and pressed wood. The painting initiates with the canvas being stretched across a wooden frame followed by an application of gesso layer to isolate the surface from the acidic properties of the paint.

The artist then sketches the outline based on the original oil painting. Cheap Famous Oil Paintings Next follows the application of pigment that is usually mixed with linseed oil. Some artists may also use some other oils like walnut oil, poppy seed oil and safflower oil for this purpose as different oils generate different effects in the painting. However, the artists can also use branded tube paints for painting purpose.


This is a new-fangled idea that I have to admit I haven't tried yet! The Windsor and Newton 'Artisan' range is the most popular. These paints are almost exactly the same as normal oil paints and are a combination of the pigment (colour) with linseed or safflower oil to bind them. The only difference is that one end of the oil molecules has been chemically altered so that it binds loosely with water molecules - in other words, it's an oil that will mix with water. cheap Oil Painting Being water-soluble you can use water both to thin the paints and clean your brushes. They are great for people who find they are allergic to solvents, or who don't like the smell of turps or spirits, but I have no problem painting with oil-based oil paints and so have no particular desire to switch. However people who've tried them seem to speak highly of them. They seem to have a similar feel and finish to traditional oil paints


You'll find that different coloured paints vary rather wildly in how long they take to dry. Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings I usually find that mixes of light coloured paints take the longest to dry, and darker mixes will take the longest. However you'll notice other differences between paints of similar colours - for instance I find that Titanium White takes much longer to dry than Zinc White to I use Zinc in light under layers.

The other thing you'll notice is that the first layer takes the longest to dry and each subsequent layer will dry faster than the previous one. This is because the oil in the paints sinks down and is absorbed by the layers beneath it, making it appear dry to the touch a lot faster.


There are several oils available in art shops which will speed up the drying time of oil paints when a few drops are mixed with the oil from the tubes. The traditional types are Drying Linseed Oil and Drying Poppy Oil. Drying Linseed oil is fine for all colours except whites and very pale colours as it is slightly yellow in colour. Cheap Famous Oil Paintings Use Drying Poppy Oil for these colours instead. An alternative to both of these oils is a new alkyd-based medium called 'Liquin' from Windsor and Newton. This increases drying speeds very well and will not yellow.

A Guide to Buying and Using Oil Paint and Painting Mediums for Beginners

Given that oil paints come with a certain amount of inconvenience (waiting for the paint layers to dry, not being able to clean up using water), why are they still so popular with artists when other paints like water-soluble acrylics are available? cheap Oil Painting Oil paint is fundamentally different to acrylics, gouache or watercolour because it is not water-soluble but requires a solvent (oil, turpentine, paint thinner) to dilute or clean it. Because it dries by a process of oxidization instead of water evaporation it takes considerably longer than other types of paints to dry.

Well firstly, oil colours retain their colour as they dry without lightening like acrylic or gouache paints. And although there's a little bit of waiting for the layers to dry, I love the way they remain manipulable for a while so that you can work into them and make changes. Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings For instance, you can apply a layer and let it begin to partially dry before smoothing and amending it. In other words, it allows for a lot of control. Oil paint has a lovely, buttery consistency that you won't get with any other kind of paint. And in fact it really doesn't need to be a messy process as some people imagine.

Here is a guide to the BASIC FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT OIL PAINTS, which brands to buy and how to use them.


When you go to an art shop to buy oil paints you will see that they are priced on a rising scale of 1-4, which will be printed on the tube as 'Series 1', 'Series 2' and so on. This price difference reflects the value of the pigments that they contain. Cheap Famous Oil Paintings If a certain paint that you want is very expensive (Cadmium Red, for example, which is Series 4) then look for a colour that's labelled a 'hue'. So 'Cadmium Hue' will mimic the colour of cadmium, but the pigment will be made with a cheaper chemical.

Aspects of Oil Painting on Canvas

Oil painting on canvas has been around for centuries. It is a style where images are sketched directly onto the canvas and then painted over with oil-based paints. cheap Oil Painting These are usually paints with linseed oil as their base, but safflower oil is another common type of oil included instead. The following aspects focus on painting with oil-based paints.

Priming the Canvas:

Once the canvas has been stretched, it needs to be primed before paint oil paints can be applied to it. This is relatively easy process and requires the purchase of acrylic gesso. If a pre-stretched canvas was purchased, then it may already be treated. It's a good idea to check when buying the canvas.Cheap Abstract Oil Paintings There's no since spending time on this step if it isn't necessary. Be sure to shake the container well before applying it to the canvas. One coat will leave a much rougher appearance than multiple coats. Gesso will dry quickly. Make sure the first coat is dry before adding another.

Fat Over Lean:

This term refers to the amount of oil present in each layer of paint. It is important to keep track of this concept, in order to eliminate cracking of the paint when it dries. Some oil paints take a couple of days to dry while others takes a couple of weeks. This varying time is also dependent on the level of oil in the paint. Cheap Famous Oil Paintings Lean oil paint has less oil and dries faster than fat oil paint. So, the term Lean Over Fat is used to remind the artist to apply paint with more oil over one with less. The more layers there are on the painting, the more oil should be present in each additional layer.

Good suggestions about oil painting

Do it Yourself

If you decide to create an original oil painting yourself as a gift idea, keep in mind that perfection is probably not the best goal for a beginner. Oil canvas Painting Rather, strive to be true to your creativity. While a portrait may be a more difficult challenge, painting a landscape or still life is generally not seen as difficult (even if you, the oil painting artist, have little or no previous experience.)

Where to Find Supplies

Supplies such as a canvas and frame, oil paints, brushes and other necessities can be purchased at any art store for much less than it would to commission an original oil painting as a Christmas gift for your wife.Outlet Oil Painting If you decide to commission an original oil painting as a Christmas gift for your wife, make sure to find an artist in enough time to complete the project before the holiday.

When deciding whether or not you will commissions an original oil painting as a Christmas gift for your wife or if you will be the original oil painting artist yourself, consider the cost and then think about the meaning, which will most likely be more priceless than the original oil painting itself.

Allan holder is the founder and owner of My Picture Painter Oil Paintings cheap Oil Painting : which is a site dedicated to the revival of the lost art of portrait painting. In today's fast paced world, sitting for a portrait painting is simply not practical. We allows the user to submit a photo to our network of talented artists who will paint a personal oil painting from your photo.

Oil Painting - One of the Greatest Gift Ideas

An oil painting is an expression on canvas that can reflect many things, from real life to abstract, and it one of the greatest gift ideas. Painting in oil is an almost lost art medium in the burgeoning digital age. Contrary to popular belief, painting in oil does not require that the artist to be a professional. cheap Oil Painting Rather oil is a medium that is malleable, making it fun - even if it's not always the easiest medium to use.

Where to Find Oil Paintings

An oil painting can be purchased for many occasions and does not have to be expensive. Oil canvas Painting Depending on the size of the painting, its age, and the artist who painted it, oil paintings can range in price and value. Original oil paintings can be found in shows, such as at an artist expo, from a private dealer or at an antique auction. Original oil paintings can even be found online.

A Great Christmas Gift Idea

Christmas is a time of giving. Why not give a gift that will be fully appreciated? Whether you commission a painting to be done by an oil painting artist or decide to paint one yourself, an oil painting is one of the greatest Christmas gift ideas for a wife or other significant woman in your life such as a mother, a sister, a daughter or a best friend. Outlet Oil Painting Find out what she likes - landscapes, portraits, still life, modern art or another style and contact an oil painting artist who specializes in that particular form.

Interesting Oil Painting


Cold pressed linseed oil is made by extracting the oils from the raw flaxseed. The oil is extracted by using pressure and not heat, thereby creating a linseed oil in its purist form. Cold pressed linseed oil can be used as a binder in oil paints, but can also be used as a medium to thin oil paints, heighten gloss and transparency, cheap Oil Painting and reduce the visibility of brush strokes. Many painters and manufacturers alike feel cold pressed linseed oil is superior in quality to other linseed oils because there is no refinement made to the oil. Cold pressed linseed oil results in a low yield, so this oil does carry a heftier price tag.


When the flaxseed is steam heated and then pressed it yields more oil, thereby making refined linseed oil a more affordable medium for artists and for use as a binder in oil paints. The process of steam heating the flax seeds produces more waste, so this waste has to be removed through a refinement process. Oil canvas Painting The oil is treated with an acid which removes the waste materials. The acid is then neutralized with an alkali solution. Refined linseed oil can be used to thin oil paint and increase brilliance and transparency.


Sun thickened linseed oil is a thick bodied medium that is produced using the heat of the sun. An equal amount of both linseed oil and water are mixed together in a container and left in sunlight for several weeks or longer. The water and linseed oil eventually separate resulting in a thicker oil with a honey like consistency. Outlet Oil Painting Sun thickened linseed oil is not used as a binder in oil paints but as an independent medium that improves flow and increases gloss. Sun thickened linseed oil has less of a tendency to yellow and speeds drying.